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Chibi is your creative writing partner, always there when you need him; craft better content, faster.

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What is Chibi AI?

Chibi AI is an online writing tool that helps you develop your ideas using powerful artificial intelligence. So you can write incredible content more easily and connect with your reader.

Chibi AI Editor Experience

People *really* like Chibi AI.

Thousands of people have already made the switch from other AI tools.

"What's funny is how n00b Chibi makes the rest of AI tools look, and they had a big head start + layers of teams 😉" --Tommy
"My favourite thing is that if I start off with my own voice, Chibi will pick up on the way I write and continue in the same manner. This helps to blend my own sections of writing with those where Chibi has helped." --Carol
"Chibi is for *writers* who want to work with AI vs. people who want AI to do all the writing at the click of a button.

It doesn't depend upon a bunch of entry boxes or memorized commands to get things working, which helps one maintain concentration and creativity for the matter at hand.

Chibi doesn't intrude or distract; it flows. The interaction is a back-and-forth collaboration in the moment, which is what writers need.

It provides short, on- or near-topic content without spewing out AI-generated fluff or nonsense. It's a serious writing tool for serious writers." --Keith
"Chibi eliminates writer's block; inspiring you to come up with original content. He acts like a writing assistant that teaches you how to remain on topic, use strategic word choice, and stick with a unique voice.

Chibi expands your incomplete thoughts, often requiring little to no editing; understanding your tone and style -- leaving you to write long-form content building on the flow of your existing content.

He simply helps you get more out of your writing time." --Stewart

Seamless Experience.

You don't think about the pen when you write. Why should your AI assistant be any different?

Write smoothly without the editor randomly adding new lines and spaces without your permission; no forms to fill out, no commands to memorize.

Blazing Fast.

So fast everything else feels slow and janky by comparison.

Waiting disrupts your flow. Chibi is so fast you won't even realize it until you try other apps.

Tools for Writers.

Expertly craft genuine, quality content rather than mediocre content at scale.

Chibi gives you tools to destroy writer's block, work fast, and discover new paths for your writing. Chibi crafts. Chibi writes with you. Chibi does not 'generate'.

A Dedicated Community.

Convenient, fast, friendly support (and more).

We have created an entire community dedicated to supporting Chibi AI. It's packed with tips, advice, support -- and other like-minded content creators working with each other to bring unprecedented insights in a multitude of ways they are successful with Chibi AI.

Clean, Thoughtful UI.

Just what you need at your fingertips; always.

Digging around for that thing you need isn't productive. Nor is memorizing commands to accomplish simple tasks. Chibi's zen-like interface puts everything in one tidy place for you. Write, flow, succeed.

' Toxicity ' Allowed.

Responsible writers sometimes need to write about responsible topics.

Chibi won't hijack your writing with annoying "toxic" filters especially when you can't figure out why it's considered toxic.


I'm Chad, the founder of Chibi AI.

Whether a writer, poet, blogger, storyteller, or marketer, you know creativity comes in ebbs and flows.

Sometimes you need inspiration, other times a friend to bounce ideas off of. Or a fantastic tool always there when you need it (that trusty pen, perhaps?)

You might have heard of AI writing apps claiming to quickly generate readable content at scale. And as you can imagine, they generate some rather dull content. Maybe you've considered using one but worry it would compromise your voice and style.

Or you might wonder if an AI app can fit perfectly in your writing toolkit. One that augments your workflow, enhances your creativity, obliterates writer's block and gives you new angles to take your writing.

With Chibi AI, we've done just that. It's a potent reimagining of the AI writing app -- dedicated to writers. Chibi is our love letter to you, the content creator, who wants the best tool for the job.